Phone: 702.895.3895

Communication Services

Thomas & Mack Center / Cox Pavilion

Telephone Service

  • UNLV Campus PBX
  • Sprint


  • Centrex 1B
  • Meridian Option 81C
  • ISDN

Restrictions on line usage (upon request)
Calling card services (MCI, AT&T, or Sprint) are per request and based upon the vendor

  • Restricted, unrestricted, and direct-dial phone line capabilities

Telephone Features (upon request)

  • Meridian 2008 Digital units, capable of multiple line support
  • Meridian 2500 Analog units, capable of single line support only

Cellular Region Service
Cellular service for the Las Vegas valley area includes the following providers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint-Nextel, Cricket, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile

Event Production Telephone Systems (upon request)
Vendors may request phone line in almost every area of the facility (within reason) using both single and multiple lines, and calling card features

  • 1B or ISDN


  • Single 1B lines - $150.00/per line
  • Dry Pairs – $75.00/per pair
  • ISDN – $325.00/per line
  • Requests made without 30 days advance notice subject to $50.00 late fee/per line

Accepted by check (made payable to UNLV Board of Regents) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)

For telephone-related services, please contact:
Mark Horn, Communications System Specialist
Phone: 702.895.1742
Fax: 702.895.1581

Note: Vendors are responsible for charges incurred on unrestricted telephone lines.

Cox Pavilion

Production Phones

  • Single, up to twelve (12) line capabilities
  • ISDN lines available for use
  • Network lines available for use

Show Communication

  • Clear-Com dual channel base station system
  • Ten (10) headsets / waist packs