Booking & Production
Booking & Production

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Todd Clawson, Associate Facility Director, Booking & Event Services
Laura Wallace, Assistant to Booking Director

The booking and production staff at the Thomas & Mack Center, Cox Pavilion and Sam Boyd Stadium can meet all your needs, including production, marketing, ticketing, and promotions. Our venues are very adaptable and can host events in many configurations from 2,500-40,000 seats. Our staff is professional and easy to work with. It is our goal to make your event smooth and successful.

Booking An Event

Venue Rental Information

Venue is designated as "Ticketed Event" or "Non-Ticketed or Private Event". Please see specific Venue Information Sheet for specific building rental information:

Thomas & Mack Center Ticketed
Thomas & Mack Center Private or Non-Ticketed

Cox Pavilion Ticketed Event
Cox Pavilion Private or Non-Ticketed Event
Cox Pavilion University Event Use

Sam Boyd Stadium Ticketed Event
Sam Boyd Stadium Non-Ticketed/Private Event
Sam Boyd Stadium Star Nursery Field
Sam Boyd Stadium Parking Lot

General Booking Information
License Application


702-895-3726 Phone

Matt Ewing, Associate Facility Director, Operations/Production
702-895-1044 Phone

Kevin Coburn, Event Production Director
Don Silcox, Event Transition Manager
Mark Horn, Communications Coordinator
Bill Saucier, Operations & Event Production
Steven Stetina, Production Coordinator

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